About Our Press

Menagerie Press is a small press located in Oregon that focuses on works of fantasy and magical realism; we produce graphic novels dealing with fantasy (high, low, and modern), role-playing games (focused around Open Game License content for 5e and PF2, and other mainstream open-license RPGs), and a smidge of science fiction.

Our Catalog page contains our current offerings and where to find our publications. Our Home page will help keep you posted on recent releases and Menagerie news.

2 thoughts on “About Our Press

  1. Menagerie Press,

    When are you going to come out with another series interlinked story arc campaigns in print for

    Adventurer’s League. I like the Adventurer’s League content, but I’m not into digital stuff. It’s a

    different experience then the print version. Will you be coming out with more Adventurer’s League

    anthologies in print on DM’s Guild, or can I order them from you?



    • Hi SP, we’ve got a second anthology coming out next month. Because of Wizards of the Coast’s license agreement, we can currently only sell our Forgotten Realms-based work via DMsGuild. We’ve also got some independent works available on DriveThruRPG and Amazon, with more soon.


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