Thane Gorr’s Vault

An original level 2-4 adventure made for D&D 5e.

A race for treasure! The heroes obtain a map to the resting place of Thane Gorr, a legendary dwarf lord, but they’re not the only ones with a copy of the map. Several factions seek to unlock the secrets of the thane’s vault and face the tomb’s ghastly defenders.

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Bed, Bath, & Behemoth

An epic Menagerie Press 5e adventure for 17th-20th level characters

The adventurers arrive at the Billowing Steam, only to find that a behemoth has moved into the inn’s famed hot spring and now refuses to leave. Due to the machinations of a young, upstart behemoth named Belmush, what starts as simple pest removal becomes a fight for the future of the world.

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The Boggan’s Market

Introducing The Boggan’s Market: a free to play, browser based visual novel.

Come find your way to adventure in this choose your own adventure game – choose your path through the mysterious market at the edge of the forest. Explore another world with this interactive book of fantasy and magic. Fight ogres, meet travelers, and enter the land of dreams.

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The Black Lotus of Thalarion

A Menagerie Press 5e adventure for 5th-7th level characters

The adventurers are sent into the Dreamlands by a blind oracle to pluck the fabled black lotus from Thalarion, the City of a Thousand Wonders. This ethereal city exists on the edge of the realm of sleep and is guarded by unreal entities and nightmarish traps.

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Roll Them Bones: A Dice Mini-Game Postcard Zine

Roll Them Bones are a set of two postzines. They’re postcards, they’re zines, they have mini-games for your maxi-games. Each postzine has two mini-games based on dice.

Created for Kickstarter’s Zinequest 3 that took place in February 2021.

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The Waxwyrm Bounties

Josseill the halfling druid and Ghirah her winter wolf sidekick

A Menagerie Press 5e adventure for 3rd-5th level characters.

A monstrous raid has left the town of Ashwood in ruins. The desperate townsfolk have placed bounties on the creatures leading the raiders, hoping heroes and mercenaries will come to save what is left of Ashwood. The Waywrym Bounties features five adventures that are playable individually or as a modular mini campaign.

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The Dream Prison


The Dream Prison

The adventurers must travel to the Plane of Reverie and free an ancient heir to a dying kingdom from the Dream Prison. Along the way, the heroes must sail the Sleeping Rivers, defeat the threshold guardians, and unbind the prisoner from a sorcerous jail.

An original level 6-8 adventure made for D&D 5e.

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Preview of Imaginarium, available on Amazon

What happens when a young man descends into the dark, fairy-tale world of the Imaginarium, and pulls his friends in with him? Aiden had never seen Portland quite like this before: rich with fantastical, and foreboding, creatures who called to him. He is about to discover the world of the Imaginarium – and his life will never be the same.

A 96-page indie graphic novel about madness and the power of the imagination.

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Clash at Kell Crenn


Clash at Kell Crenn

A river journey takes the adventurers to the besieged river-fort of Kell Crenn, where a gnoll horde assails the walls throughout the long night. What are the wasteland raiders seeking in the frontier trade post?

An original level 6-8 adventure made for D&D 5e.

Part of a successful Kickstarter with over 300 backers. Available now!

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Adûl, City of Gold


Adûl, City of Gold

The adventurers discover a map to Adûl, the mythical City of Gold. Legends say the city’s magicians experimented with arcane lore beyond their control. The abandoned city holds wealth and magic, but it won’t be easy to gather treasure from the ruins.

An original level 6-8 adventure made for D&D 5e.

Part of a successful Kickstarter with over 250 backers. Available now!

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