Adûl, City of Gold


Adûl, City of Gold

The adventurers discover a map to Adûl, the mythical City of Gold. Legends say the city’s magicians experimented with arcane lore beyond their control. The abandoned city holds wealth and magic, but it won’t be easy to gather treasure from the ruins.

An original level 6-8 adventure made for D&D 5e.

Part of a successful Kickstarter with over 250 backers. Available now!

Available here:

2 thoughts on “Adûl, City of Gold

  1. I just recently picked up Adul, City of Gold on the Roll20 Marketplace, having purchased Ghoul Cove in the past. I like both adventures, the writing is solid, with a lot of options for dropping the materials into an existing campaign. On the Roll20 edition – I have one frustration – the item is set up as a Module, rather than an addon – which means I’m forced to create a new campaign using the purchased item rather than being able to include it in an existing game. The same was true for Ghoul Cove – so for the second time, the first being the transition to Ghoul Cove, I have to have my players join a new campaign – and I have to reset all of my resources within the new campaign.

    I really have enjoyed your products, but the Module versus Addon is an immense frustration. Was there a reason it was set that way?


    • Hi, Roll20 only allows Modules and Addons. Addons are only allowed for base products, and Menagerie Press doesn’t have a Compendium or setting book available yet. We’ll follow up with Roll20 to see if it’s possible to create addons for other publisher’s products.


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