Westlands 2D6 System Role-Playing Game

Menagerie Press is creating Westlands, a 2D6-based fantasy RPG with streamlined mechanics based on the Sword of Cepheus open game license system reference document. The 2D6 fantasy system (Traveller, Sword of Cepheus) has a true sword and sorcery feel, allowing exploration and adventure in a savage land. Action resolution is quick, putting an emphasis on story, not rules.

In Westlands, we’ve taken the core open-license 2D6 fantasy reference material and are adding extra content, including reworked (more dangerous!) sorcery mechanics, optional rules for simple firearms, and an expanded bestiary.

The name Westlands is a nod to the West Marches RPG campaign style, which is a much more free-form, adventure-seeking campaign where the players decide their motivations and goals, rather than being directed via the game master.

Westlands is setting-neutral, and lets you create whatever adventure you imagine. It is built on the open-license reference material for Sword of Cepheus, which is a 2D6 fantasy RPG that is rooted in earlier 2D6 science-fiction RPGs.

Available here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/394108/Westlands-2D6-System-RolePlaying-Game?affiliate_id=14013

The Pool Below (Sword of Cepheus & OSE Compatible)

The Pool Below

A group of three teenagers disappeared recently. They all recently came of age, and the town guards merely assume they ran off to seek fame and fortune. The parents of the missing children are skeptical, and fear something more sinister has happened.

Additionally, the deacon of an old, burned out temple devoted to magic and portents is hiding a secret. Even though the temple is assumed to be defunct, an evil priest named Shukan is operating out of a secret chamber located in the temple’s basement. Shukan has connected a magical portal to the temple’s baptismal pool, turning the font into a gateway to hell and terror.

(FREE) Sword of Cepheus 2D6 compatible version here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/372017/The-Pool-Below-Sword-of-Cepheus-Compatible

(FREE) Old-School Essentials compatible version here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/367787/The-Pool-Below-OSE-Compatible